Black Keys / Open & Follow

by Gusbo




#tun010 - Gusbo is a genre-busting electronic music producer based in Glasgow, UK who has been writing music since the age of 15. He was the founder of 'Camouflage' - an audio/visual club event which for 5 years brought an astonishing array of live electronic music and full-spectrum visuals to Glasgow's infamous underground venue 'The Soundhaus'. His music can be described in many ways, but rarely does it fit neatly into one category or another. Gusbo doesn't believe in genres. He plays with them, twisting them in on themselves, banging them together and spitting them back out in a blaze of big beats, angry basslines and melodies that shine. Rarely sitting still, he writes a range of electronic tracks which always maintains his unique musical style. Having performed his uncompromising live sets alongside the likes of Rennie Pilgrem, Billy Nasty, L'usine, Eskmo, Teenage Badgirl, Crystal Distortion, Sir Real, Transformer Man and many more besides, Gusbo's uncompromising live sets have dazzled audiences across the UK. These two tracks are yours for free from Gusbo and your friends here at Nophi. Enjoy!


released 26 June 2012



all rights reserved


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